For the international port and shipping industry, on a world-wide scale, and acting with similarly expert colleagues, Dr Kirby offers turnkey services realising optimised modern generic sediment management systems to individual muddy ports, port groups and national governments. This spans selecting an appropriate solution, organising tests and trials to prove it, recommending ideal monitoring instrumentation and suitable vessels, supervising new installations, providing staff training in operating procedures, at times our unique dedicated vessels will be provided, etc. Often, though not uniquely, this is carried out via joint ventures. In addition to specialised equipment and knowledge, Dr Kirby falls back on long term experience gained in some of the world’s biggest shallow water muddy ports – Rotterdam, Hamburg, Antwerp, Hong Kong, etc.

For locations such as the Severn Estuary/Bristol Channel, Medway Estuary, Hong Kong waters, etc. Dr Kirby provides expert advice on project impacts as opposed to narrow, simple contracting surveys. This high level input arises from his expert knowledge acquired throughout his professional career, often based on research data bases unique to RCL. Examples are shoreline management plans, large coastal airport projects, bridge crossings, etc.