Medway Estuary

This is Dr Kirby’s doctorate thesis area (1965-68). The estuary is a muddy erosion-dominated system. Investigation and subsequent papers (see CV) have concentrated on the coupled long term evolution of the subtidal and intertidal zones, giving a whole-system comprehension.

Very little new work on this sedimentary regime has been done in the 40+ years since this large scale study.

Knowledge gained has led to advisory inputs on:

1. Lappel Bank reclamation to create additional quay space for Port of Sheerness

2. Thamesport on Isle of Grain

3. 4 runway airport, Isle of Grain (ditto worked on new 4 runway airport at Chek Lap Kok, Hong Kong)

4. Cultural Heritage of Hoo Peninsula for English Heritage

One potential civil engineering project which may involve the Medway Estuary