About Us

Ravensrodd Consultants Ltd is based in the West of England but addresses a world market in the ocean technologies of fine grained (cohesive) sediment behaviour. It’s bias favours field investigation and methodologies. It is the vehicle used by the proprietor, Dr R Kirby, to commercialise his expert knowledge developed since 1961.

Dr. Kirby still benefits from large scale and expensive research principally undertaken in a government research institute (Institute of Oceanographic Sciences – IOS). As sole owner of archived data he remains focused in the muddy hypertidal Severn Estuary, UK and uses this as a platform for the major long-standing spin-off this has given into modern management methods for the international port and shipping industry.

Throughout his career Dr. Kirby has input his expertise to some of the biggest engineering projects in the world (Severn tidal power barrage, airport at Chek Lap Kok, Hong Kong, airport at Isle of Grain, as well as to means by which the shipping industry is responding to the demands of the Twenty-first Century).

Certificates and Awards

BSc (Ord) – Geology & Geography, with subsids. in Oceanography and Zoology: Liverpool University, 1964.

BSc (Hons) – Geology Class 2:1 (Soft Rocks): Liverpool University, 1965.

PhD – Modern sedimentology of the muddy, eroding Medway Estuary, Kent: King’s College, London University, 1969

Elected Corporate Member – Institution of Geologists, 15th September 1979. Later C.Geol (Chartered Geologist).

Elected Fellow – Geological Society of London, 10th October 1990

Elected Board Member – Balticon International, Denmark, 1997

Elected Board Member – Sediment Innovation Centre, Emden, Germany, 2009

Awarded Telford Premium Award in its 175th year for outstanding paper of the year 2010: Kirby R & Retière C (2009) “Comparing environmental effects of Rance and Severn Barrages”. Paper 800007. Proceedings of the Institution of Civil Engineers, Maritime Engineering, Vol 162, Issue MAI, p11-26. (The ICE has close to 86,000 members worldwide).

Elected Distinguished Diplomate in Navigation Engineering of the Academy of Coastal, Ocean, Port & Navigation Engineers of the American Society of Civil Engineers, Washington, April 2010. Board Certification No.4 for development since 1965 of modern sediment management technologies for the international port and shipping industry. (The ASCE has close to 145,000 members worldwide. Dr Kirby is the 4th academic and so far only non-American award winner).