Ravensrodd Consultants Ltd, est.1984, is the operating company used by Dr. Bob Kirby to promote his commercial activities. Ravensrodd was the name of one of the lost towns of the Yorkshire coast (destroyed by coastal erosion in 1360AD), so this name harks back to both the birthplace and to the professional activities of the proprietor.

Dr Kirby has been in academia since 1961 and carried out his doctorate research between 1965 and 1968. A unifying theme to his commercial activities is that he is an expert in the behaviour of fine cohesive sediment in subaqueous environments.

Since 1970 he has had a high level involvement researching one of the worlds most dynamic and turbid estuaries, the Severn and Bristol Channel, UK.

In 1974 instruments developed to further this academic research spun-off into what became the first of a number of generic technologies to manage cohesive sediment in a modern way for the international port and shipping industry.

Dr Kirby is also a director of a Danish company, Balticon International a/s, which cleans terrestrial and subaqueous soils.